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News Article

Job Opportunity: Teaching Fellows (TFs) and Head TF Positions for Fall 2018 Course

TF and Head TF opportunities for Societies of the World 47: Contemporary Developing Countries: Entrepreneurial Solutions to Intractable Social and Economic Problems

We are seeking TFs and a Head TF for this multi-disciplinary, university-wide course, jointly offered with FAS, GSAS, HBS, HGSE, HKS, HLS, and HSPH, and coordinated by Prof Tarun Khanna (HBS), and Dr. Satchit Balsari (HMS), and co-taught by several other faculty from around the university. The course, heavily case-based, trains student in using multiple simultaneous lenses to critically examine the problem before them. The goal is to understand ways in which entrepreneurial action can effectively tackle major socioeconomic problems in developing countries by combining knowledge of historical causes, qualitative and quantitative evidence, and context-specific knowledge of the commonalities and differences across regions.

There are several individual and group students assignments through the course, including a weekly discussion board, short papers, and a final product (and business plan). TFs will also conduct undergraduate sections. 

The Head TF will be accompanied by one or more additional TFs, depending on class size (which has ranged from 60+ to 200).



  • Experience living and working in an emerging market/developing country (required)
  • Teaching experience at the graduate or undergraduate level (preferred)
  • Social Science background (preferred)
  • Familiar with modern history of an emerging market/developing country (preferred)
  • A third year doctoral student or more (preferred)
  • Able to teach again in Fall 2019 (preferred)


This is a part-time position that begins August 1, 2018 and extends through December 31, 2018. Time requirement is estimated to be 10 hours per week. The TF is expected to attend all lectures on Monday & Wednesday afternoons from 3:00-4:15pm and other course-related events scheduled during the semester. The TF will also teach one or two 1 hour-long sections per week (the number and scheduling of sections will depend on student demand and TF availability). The Head TF will supervise and coordinate all TFs, will be responsible for all course-related activities, including assisting with any activities not at the usual course location, and coordinating faculty schedules, managing assignments, grading, timely student feedback, and other tasks reasonably considered within the purview of this role.

Compensation is $4,830 – $5,430 per section (Junior and Senior Pay Rates are outlined in the GSAS Handbook).

Interested candidates should email Gregory Fortier ( with their resume/CV as soon as possible.