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New Digital Book: Science & South Asia

New Digital Book: Science & South Asia

The Mittal Institute has curated its latest publication that explores scientific developments in South Asia, bringing together papers written by Harvard faculty and conservators, as well as faculty and experts from across the US and South Asia. The publication is now available digitally and covers a vast array of topics, from healthcare in India to the new, sophisticated technology behind art conservation. You can access the Science & South Asia publication by clicking the button below.

Q + A: Tracing the Tracks of Diaspora Hinduism

In anticipation of her upcoming book, The Mittal Institute Research Affiliate Vineeta Sinha sat down with us to discuss her work on the Hindu Diaspora in Singapore and her thoughts on being a woman in academia. “Sitting on recruitment and reviewing committees and on management boards, I have witnessed that even my lone presence as a woman tempers the tone of the discussion and prevents loaded and blatantly sexist and even racist questions to be raised — even if it is just for political correctness,” she says.