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Educators for Teaching India (EFTI)

Educators for Teaching India (EFTI): Established in 2008, Educators for Teaching India (EFTI) is a group of secondary school educators dedicated to deepening our own knowledge of India and to exploring India’s role in school curricula. The organization includes teachers in public and private schools as well as educators in supporting academic institutions.

Educators for Teaching India provides outreach and education on the teaching of India in public and private schools. We believe that curricular and pedagogical innovation is at the heart of educating students about India, and we value the historical and cultural complexity that India has to offer to our students. Conferences include:

EFTI is comprised of educators from Winsor School, Phillips Academy Andover, The Groton School, St. George’s School, Peddie School, Newton South High School, Ashoka Youth Venture pro tem Mumbai, and Niswarth Summer service-learning program. SAI staff meet regularly with the EFTI group to organize the annual conference.

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