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Brown University

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Neighborhood Sanitation and Infant Mortality (Livestream)

Fri, Feb 26, 2016 at 02:00pm

Fri, Feb 26, 2016 at 04:00pm

Joint Seminar on South Asian Politics

Dean Spears, Rice Institute

Dean Spears is the Executive Director of the RICE Institute. Dean’s research focuses on children’s health and human capital, which these days often means height, sanitation, and social forces in Indian households and villages. He has also done research about population issues in social welfare and about decision-making, in particular decision-making by poor people and the social psychology of interaction between richer and poorer people. Dean has worked in El Salvador, India, and South Africa. His is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma and has an MA in International Studies from the University of Oklahoma. He has an MPA in Development Studies and a PhD in Economics from Princeton University. He is currently a visiting economist at the Economic and Planning Unit of the Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi.

This event will be livestreamed. Click here to watch.

Cosponsored with co-sponsored by the Watson Institute at Brown, the Weatherhead Center and the MIT Center for International Studies.


Love, War & Other Longings

Fri, Oct 31, 2014

Sun, Nov 2, 2014

Pakistani Film Festival

Cosponsored by the Brown University India Initiative   

Fri Oct 31: Hallow’s Eve: Chainsaw Spatter
6:00 pm Zibaah Khana (77minutes)

Sat Nov 1: Saint’s Day: Directors in Conversation
11:20 am A Brief History of Pakistani Cinema
Lecture by Iftikhar Dadi
12:00 pm Josh (104 minutes)
2:00 pm Q+A with Josh Director, Iram Parveen Bilal
3:00 pm Lunch
4:15 pm Zinda Bhaag (120 minutes)
6:30 pm Q+A with Zinda Bhaag Director Meenu Gaur &
Producer Mazhar Zaidi
7:30 pm Reception

Sun Nov 2: Bloody Sunday: Contexts of War
10:00 am Panel Discussion: Bollywood and Hollywood; Betwixt & Beyond
Ramyar Rossoukh, Richard Delacy, Kamran Ali
11:30 am Waar (140 min)
2:00 pm Discussion on Waar
3:30 pm Roundtable Screen Stories & the Lives of Others

There will be a free shuttle from Harvard Square. to Brown on Nov1st.

Join the Facebook event for more information.