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Information for Mittal Institute Summer and Winter Grant Recipients

Please be aware that you must report all other funding for any other project to be carried out during the same time period. You may not accept additional funding that exceeds your original budget for activities covered by this grant. If we learn that you have received funds from more than one sponsor for the same activities, we will rescind or adjust the amount of any award granted.

Please reach out to our Program Coordinator Selmon Rafey and CC if you have any questions. You can also find us at CGIS South S403.

Undergraduate Students 

Harvard University requires you to complete the following tasks prior to receiving your award:


  1. Register at the Harvard Travel Registry
    Note that it is your responsibility to update your details should your plans or contact information change. You should also plan to update the Travel Registry with side trips you take during your travels.
  2. Complete Online Pre-Departure Orientation
    If you have already completed this orientation after April 1, 2017 you don’t need to re-watch it.
  3. Submit Health Clearance Form to HUHS or your primary care physician
    Most students will be able to complete the process by sending the form to HUHS or their primary care physician for review and clearance without having to schedule an in-person appointment. The turnaround from HUHS is 5 days, so please plan ahead and start early. Health clearance forms must be completed and submitted at least 10 days prior to travel. Please consult your doctor for information on recommended immunizations for travel to South Asia.
  4. Attend the Mittal Institute Pre-Departure Orientation – this is required for undergraduate students (Date and Location sent via email)
  5. The Mittal Institute requires you to submit the following forms to and

Note for Undergraduate Students

Harvard College students are prohibited from traveling with Harvard funding to a high-risk countries and regions, with an exception for those returning home and under the care of their parents and/or legal guardians. Your funding is contingent on your compliance with this policy. You must visit the Global Support Services site to review the Undergraduate Travel Policy and Travel Risk. This information is updated regularly as events in the world transpire, and you must check the site regularly to ensure that your destination country has not been added to the list. If your country is listed or becomes listed, you may have to complete additional paperwork coordinated by the Office of International Education.

If your research project involves using human subjects, you must obtain approval from the Committee on the Use of Human Subjects. This can take time, so start this process immediately. Visit the IRB website and the Undergraduate Research website for more information.

Graduate Students 

The Mittal Institute requires you to submit the following forms and to

Note for Graduate Students

The Mittal Institute strongly recommends that you register your trip itinerary at the Harvard Travel Registry to maintain an up-to-date record of your travel details and contact information. Additionally, while not required for graduate students, we strongly recommend you attend our Pre-Departure Orientation (Date and Location sent via email).

If your research project involves using human subjects, you must obtain approval from the Committee on the Use of Human Subjects. This can take time, so start this process immediately. Visit the CUHS website for more information.

Visas and Travel Considerations

Visa requirements for international students may be different from those for U.S. citizens. If you are an international student, you may need to check in with the Harvard International Office. The University has identified two vendors who can assist Harvard travelers with visa and passport issues for international travel. These firms can answer questions about visa requirements free of charge either via their websites or by phone.  For a fee they will assist travelers with the application process. For more information and to access their services go to

In light of current political events, Harvard University has determined that students who are participating in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, or who are nationals of countries subject to the federal Administration’s travel ban (at present, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen) may face greater risk of detention or denial of re-entry by US Customs and Border Protection than in previous years. Student nationals of the seven countries listed above should review the latest travel advisories posted by the Harvard International Office and consider consulting the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic before leaving the United States.

Additionally, DACA students should not participate in international travel at this time, as they are not eligible to receive Advanced Parole. DACA students should contact Jason Corral, Staff Attorney with the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic at with any questions.

Grant Reports

Once you return from your experience, we require you to submit a written grant report and multimedia (photo or video) reflection detailing your experience by February 1st for Winter Session grants, and September 15th  for Summer Session grants. All grant recipients are required to submit a grant report. Please note that the grant report will be made public, distributed and read by faculty, staff and the larger community. Do not include any confidential information. If you would like to produce anything with your pictures, videos, or experience, please feel free to reach out to us.  You can create a video, photo essay, blog, or may even be interviewed about your experience!

Important Links


Harvard Travel Assist

Travel Risk Ratings

Harvard Travel Registry

Visa and Passport Services

Harvard Pre-Departure Orientation

Health Clearance

Pre-departure Orientation Presentation

Important Dates 


OCTOBER 12: Winter Session Grant Applications Due 

NOVEMBER 20: Winter Session Grant Recipient Forms Due

NOVEMBER 28: Winter Session, Pre-Departure Orientation

FEBRUARY 1: Winter Session Grant Reports Due


FEBRUARY 8: Summer Session Grant Applications Due 

APRIL 12: Summer Session Grant Recipient Forms Due

APRIL 24: Summer Session, Pre-Departure Orientation

SEPTEMBER 15: Summer Session Grant Reports Due