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Architectures of Transition Conference

Save the Date: December 14 – 16, 2023, New Delhi India

The ‘Architectures of Transition’ Conference is the second component of this larger project that aims to build upon insights gleaned from the lecture series reflecting on the various architectural practices in South Asia. Taking the intellectual inquiry and discourse a step further, this component aims to interrogate questions around the agency of architecture, by engaging established architects, with over a decade’s experience on-ground, who’ve adopted distinct and diverse methods of practice.

The intent of the conference is essentially to create a forum that helps architects both confront and reflect upon the breadth of work undertaken in the region collectively, and from a critical standpoint that attempts to bridge the existing gap between theory and practice. Furthermore, what will make this conference unique is that it will put theoreticians/academics and practitioners in dialogue with each other, thus bridging the schism that exists between the academy and practice.

This, we hope, will lead to some productive insights on both ends of the spectrum to help better inform the question: What is the ‘architecture’ of practice, that is relevant and effective for the South Asia region, that continues to be characterized by acute transitions?

Speakers and schedule to be announced this fall.