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Information for Visiting Artists | Visiting Artist Program

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Information for Visiting Artists

Preparing to come to Harvard

Harvard’s financial procedures do not allow SAI to distribute honorarium/discretionary funds or reimbursements until after an activity has taken place; thus, selected artists will only receive these funds after you have returned to South Asia. It is important to be prepared by reading this document closely.



Paid by

Eligible for Reimbursement?

Estimated Cost

Economy AirfareSAI directlyN/A$1,500 – $1,800
Visa ApplicationArtistYes, submit original receipt$160
Taxi from Airport to AccommodationArtistYes, submit original receipt$40
Return Taxi to Airport from AccommodationSAI directlyN/A$40
Program MealsSAI directlyN/AThese include meals with faculty, students, and lunches at the SAI office
Other MealsArtistYes, up to $25 per meal. Submit original receipts$400
Exhibit CostsArtistNo, these funds will come from the honorarium/discretionary fund. We encourage any printing to be done in South Asia, as this will only add to the costs in Cambridge, MA.Depends on scope of exhibit


It is recommended that a visiting artist have at least $600 USD available to them at the time of accepting this program. This amount will be reimbursed but only after the artist has returned to South Asia. Additionally, it is recommended to have the amount it will cost to print materials you wish to display at Harvard. We recommend that you have these materials printed in South Asia.

International Travel Costs

The selected artist’s roundtrip economy airfare from South Asia to Boston will be paid directly by SAI. Upon acceptance and determination of dates of visit, SAI will put you in touch with Harvard’s travel agent who will assist in booking flights.

SAI will reimburse artist for cost application for a tourist visa. You must provide SAI with original receipts for visa.


SAI will directly arrange and pay for your room and tax for 8 nights at a local hotel or inn near SAI’s offices. We will provide you with information about check-in and check-out times.

Travel from Boston Logan to Accommodations

SAI will reimburse for taxi rides from Boston Logan Airport to accommodation. Please retain original receipt. Upon arrival, SAI will provide artist with travel vouchers for local taxis. We recommend using this voucher for your return trip to the airport. If you will be visiting other parts of Boston (for example the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston) in ways that are related to your visit to Harvard, SAI will be able to reimburse your taxis. We will provide you with needed vouchers.


During your visit, SAI will arrange several events with meals, including lunch with the faculty review committee, lunch with students, and a dinner. When spending time at SAI’s office, we will make every effort to order lunches for you. In addition to these meals, SAI will reimburse the artist up to $25 per meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Please retain original receipts. SAI will provide you with information about local restaurants and cafes near your accommodations. Again, these reimbursements will be received via check or wire transfer after returning to South Asia.

Receiving Reimbursement from Harvard

Please be aware that this process can take some time. SAI will assist in every way possible, but there many procedures at Harvard that need to be met before funds are received. Please be prepared by reviewing the below timeline:

  1. Arrive at Harvard and fill out needed financial forms with assistance from SAI. Provide SAI with your bank account details including bank name and address, bank account number, bank swift code and routing number.
  2. Gain access to Harvard’s online financial system and provide information including passport copies, visa copies, 1-94 form, past visits to the US, etc.
  3. At the end of your visit, provide SAI with all original receipts including visa, taxis, meals. Processing time – up to 1 month from departure date from Boston
  4. Receive a wire transfer or check from Harvard for honorarium/discretionary fund amount and reimbursements

Exhibiting Your Work

As a Visiting Artist, you are able display your work in the SAI lobby space outside of the SAI offices on the 4th floor, CGIS South, 1730 Cambridge Street, Cambridge MA.

Exhibit related costs including materials, printing, etc., will come from the honorarium/discretionary funds. It is highly recommended that printing be done in South Asia and pieces brought with the artist or shipped to SAI in advance of the artist’s arrival. This is because printing is more expensive in Cambridge, the timing of the artist’s visit is short and a lot of time should not be devoted to organizing the exhibit while on campus, and printing in South Asia ensures that the artist will be able to supervise the quality of the printing to your specifications. Any printing that is done in Cambridge will be deducted from your honorarium/discretionary fund. Prints may be put on the wall using removable foam adhesive circles or glue drops, which will be provided by SAI. These do not damage the wall but do leave some residue on the prints. We request that you leave one or two of the prints displayed with SAI for our collection.

After Visit

After your visit to Harvard, you will be asked to provide a written reflection of your visit which will be posted on SAI’s website. We also welcome any feedback you have about the program.



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