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Maya Universe Academy

Maya Universe Academy 

Computer studies tutor, Earth systems project manager, Drama and arts teacher, Marketing and administration coordinator
Tanahun District and Udaypur District, Nepal


Maya Universe Academy, established since 2011, is a social entrepreneurship project involved in rural development work within Nepal. It is a learning institute that aims to make quality education affordable to lower class families in the country. The school doesn’t charge any tuition fees. Instead, parents of students help out by providing free labor two days a month. This labor allows the school to run a farm in order to supply organic vegetables and meat to the hostel students and volunteering school staff.

People in rural Nepal have given up hopes from public schools which are as inefficient as the government while private schools are unaffordable. Maya Universe Academy is a hope for change. The academy is also engaged in training local women in order to increase their employment opportunities.


This opportunity is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.


Computer studies: planning and implementing computer classes to grades 4-6 using key applications and software programs in a hands-on and practical way.

Earth systems: designing and building effective and efficient systems to utilize natural resources sustainably

Drama and arts: teaching English through any form of drama and arts for nursery and grades 1-3

Marketing and administration (Kathmandu based): volunteer communication and coordination, social media management, online communications and website updates.

Additional Information

Maya universe academy has 3 rural locations (2 schools in Tanahun district, 1 school in Udaypur district)

Interns will be provided with simple bedding in a hostel environment with other volunteers. 2 main Nepali meals and a vegetable snack are provided daily. The schools asks all volunteers and interns to pay 10$ per day to cover these costs.

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal where Maya Universe is setting up an office. Food and accommodation costs must be borne by the intern. Assistance in finding the right accommodation (host family or hostel recommended) will be provided. The Kathmandu based intern will have the orientation in the central school.

A short orientation program will be offered. The program will include basic Nepali language and insight into nepal’s culture and traditional values, which are highly regarded in the rural villages.


Please send your resume/CV and cover letter to


Tags: Education, Community Development

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