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Post Secondary Outreach

SAI works with postsecondary institutions both domestically and abroad to create a community of scholars dedicated to a deeper understanding of the region’s culture and languages:

Resonance: Course on Neuroscience
A collaboration between MIT, Harvard and IIT Delhi, the goal of this initiative was to introduce talented Indian students to the exciting gamut of brain science. Twenty-five highly talented students from across India, who were selected in a competitive process, participated in a two-week immersion workshop that allowed them to explore some of the most exciting research topics in neuroscience.

Brown-Harvard-MIT Joint Seminar on South Asian Politics
The joint seminar considers some of the “big” ques­tions of politics, political economy and security, on which the South Asian region in general, and India in particular, offer engaging perspectives. The seminar is co-directed by Brown University, MIT, and Harvard, and alternates locations.

Multidisciplinary Approach to University Leader Development
This workshop was for university leaders from Maharashtra, India. Twenty-eight leaders and policy makers attended, including Vice Chancellors, Directors, Principals and Deans of both public and private higher learning institutions, as well as senior Government of Maharashtra officials.

Boston Water Consortium
This multi-university consortium, which includes Harvard, MIT, Tufts and BU, organizes monthly roundtable discussions to identify a common language around understanding the various issues related to water.

Live video-conferences connect over 15 universities with Harvard faculty, and gives students and academic leaders at universities across South Asia the opportunity to engage on critical issues in the region

South Asia Resources at Harvard and other US Institutions