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Nivedita Saksena is the inaugural Digital Health Policy Fellow at the India Digital Health Network (IDHN), a Harvard-wide research and policy collaborative. Her research examines data science policy, the integration of technology in health systems and its impact on civil liberties. She currently leads the development of a policy toolkit that examines the compliance of proposed health data exchanges with evolving data protection and privacy jurisprudence in the country. She has also contributed to white papers and submissions made by IDHN to government agencies on the regulatory framework for health data and safeguarding health rights in the implementation of digital health projects.

Formerly, Nivedita worked at the Lawyers Collective where she assisted the former UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health in his mandate. Based in the HIV/AIDS unit, she researched intellectual property, trade and investment related barriers to access to medicines. She also represented members of marginalized and ‘at-risk’ groups in court on issues of health discrimination and equality. For the World Health Organization (SEARO), she has consulted to analyze the conduct of clinical trials and trial data transparency in the region. As a research fellow at a legal think-tank based in New Delhi, she assisted the Ministry of Health and Indian Council of Medical Research on regulatory reform for clinical trials in the country.

Nivedita has an MPH degree from the Harvard School of Public Health, where she was a Karuna Mazumdar Scholar. She received her law degree from NUJS in India, where she was a member of Board of Editors of the NUJS Law Review. Her research interests lie in the area of global health justice, the role (and limits) of rights based approaches to health and the political economy of access to medicines.