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Social Media Marketing, App Development, Product Management, Business Development
Pondicherry, India


BookBox is a social enterprise with the mission of creating a ‘book’ for every child in his/her language. In our conception, a ‘book’ is a reading experience that can be launched on any audio-visual media platform, including print. We, therefore, innovated the ‘AniBook’ or animated book, to support early reading and language skills in children. Visit to know more.

The product that we have innovated, AniBooks, flow from a simple fact – children love to watch cartoons. Thus, AniBooks are animated stories for children (6 to 10 years), with the narration appearing on-screen as Same Language Subtitling (SLS). Every word is highlighted in perfect timing with the narration, thus reinforcing reading skills, automatically and subconsciously.

SLS is a pedagogically sound and proven technique, which has won many international awards. It has also been implemented widely on film-song-based TV programmes in India, in 10 languages, by our partner, a non-profit organisation.


This opportunity is open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Hindi-speaking candidates are preferred. Strong candidates will possess solid communications skills and a determined resolve to make a positive social impact.


Social Media Marketing: We are passionate about spreading a love for reading to all the children in the world. Our YouTube channel is currently clocking an average of over 25,000 views per day and this is without any dedicated marketing effort. We have more than 115K subscribers and our total channel views have crossed 26 million as of now. We are looking for dynamic social media marketing buffs who can increase the average per day views to 50,000 within the next 6 months. We are looking for exciting ideas that can make our YouTube videos go viral all over the world and help children read! Check out our YouTube channel:
iOS and Android App Development for mobiles and tablets: We have already created many applications for the iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android platforms but we have limited technical resources and are looking for interns who will be interested in working with our programmers to find smarter and quicker ways of creating Apps with good educational features. Check out the apps we have done here: Google Play, iTunes App Store. We have many ideas that need to be implemented so we are looking for people who have some programming experience. We of course welcome any new ideas that people bring in.
Production & Project Management systems: We are looking for ways to streamline our production and project management processes. Ideally, we would like to have a web based tracking system that each team member can login and use for tracking their work and also entire projects. We need people who have the expertise to setup such systems.
Business Development for European market: We want some marketing wizards to study all the products we have and come up with a strong business plan to enter the European market.


Living Allowance: INR 8,000/- as stipend per month.
Leaves: Two days per month is given as personal time off. If the interns take more time off for whatever the reason maybe their stipend will accordingly deducted.
Accommodation: Allowance of INR 3,000/- per month. If the rent is higher due to interns’ personal preference then they will have to pay the difference. It is common for landlords to demand a 10 months advance so the interns need to be prepared for this. Assistance will be provided to find good places.
Travel: Official in country trips will be reimbursed with prior approvals. International airfare will not be provided.
Transport: Not provided. Interns can enjoy Pondicherry the most when they’re on a bicycle as it’s a very small town. Assistance will be provided to find good transport.
Others: We provide lunch (simple south India vegetarian meals) to all our employees at 1 Rupee per meal. Interns are welcome to avail of this facility.


Please send your resume/CV and cover letter to Parthibhan Amudhan at .


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