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Digital Marketing Lead, Business Development Lead, Graphic Designer, Teach Lead
Mumbai, India

Reach Education Pvt. Ltd. is an educational services firm based in Mumbai, India. We are a start-up founded by HBS (MBA’2010) and CMU (Tepper’2003) alum Vibha Kagzi and focus on the higher education space in India. Currently, we are successfully operating 1 business vertical, ReachIvy ( focused on counseling students targeting top-tier schools internationally.

We are assessing various incremental business models and ideas in the education space and are looking for a business development lead to build and create from ground up an online testing business (career testing) and/or an online course library. We are exploring highly scalable business ventures with technology as the back-bone of the business.

Business Development Lead Qualifications 

  • Minimum 2 years of experience in business development/ operations/ strategy/ marketing/ consulting
  • Passion to work/prior experience in the education space

Business Development Lead Responsibilities

  • Suggest new business verticals
  • Conduct an in depth market survey
  • Evaluate and understand the nuances of the business vertical
  • Prepare a blue print of the business, performing basic numerical analysis
  • Interview candidates and build a team of professionals

Tech Lead Qualifications

  • Knowledge and understanding of databases.
  • Prior experience of working with a team of experienced web developers to successful completion of web based platform.
  • Preferred knowledge of programming languages – HTML, C++, PhP etc

Tech Lead Responsibilities

  • Deep knowledge of database management, user-interfaces, website development etc.
  • Create a sophisticated back-end computer programme for a new business vertical.
  • Envisage and present the user interface.
  • Suggest ways of making the interface interactive.
  • Conduct a comprehensive testing and sample study of the created product.

Digital Marketing and SEO Lead Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree preferred
  • Ability to work in an entrepreneurial environment
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office, specifically Excel and database literacy
  • Independent worker: proactive and responsible, with the ability to learn rapidly and are comfortable with technology.

Digital Marketing Responsibilities

  • Use digital media extensively to reach out to target audience.
  • Online Brand Management.
  • Strategize promotional activities for the new products through social networking sites and other appropriate mediums.
  • Undertaking in-depth market research and analysis about Consumer behavior, Usage pattern, prospective customer groups and developing strategies based on the findings.
  • Handling various blogs (WordPress, Blogger) for link exchange, banners ads.
  • Good understanding of CMS like Joomla, wordpress.


Will be determined on a case by case basis depending on the individuals skill set and experience. We are open to the idea of a profit-sharing on the venture as well. Can also be converted to a field study in the Fall term for course credit. We are very flexible!



To apply, email us your Resume/CV, Cover Letter, and a 300 word statement answering 1) Why you want to work with us 2) How your educational/professional background is applicable to the role

Skype interviews will be conducted with qualified applicants.


Tags: Education, Business, Technology

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