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Reality Gives

Reality Gives

Curriculum Developer
Mumbai, India


We strive toward a world where underprivileged communities have equal access to opportunities and resources by providing young people from underprivileged communities in India with high quality education and experiences to help them maximize their potential.
Through our unique relationship with our sister organisation Reality Tours and Travel, we are uniquely placed as an NGO to access resources. Every day we are able to connect with socially minded individuals coming through Dharavi, who, upon completion of a tour are often inspired to create change for our communities.

We have educated 400 students between 16 and 30 by providing training in English, computer and soft skills, trained 15 local women who teach almost 400 students in English using child-centered and interactive teaching methods and engaged with 130 children through a variety of sports programs.

We have also started our programs in the area of Sanjay Colony in New Delhi.


This opportunity is open to both undergraduate and graduate students for the summer of 2018. 
We are looking for a passionate individuals interested in curriculum design, who would like to enrich the state government curriculum to make it fun, inclusive, and relevant. They need to be willing to spend time researching and spending time in classrooms from grade 1 to 4 to inform their work. We believe that education should have an academic, exposure and values component. The current curriculum is only focused on academic skills, and we need someone to make it diverse.
The supervisor of the internship will be the Director of Education, who is an alumnus of Harvard University. Intern can expect full cooperation for any university requirements.


  • Attend school to study the classroom practices, teacher’s planning styles and lesson delivery
  • Read the curriculum textbooks and research resources that are provided, aligned to the state board of education
  • Find best practices from different systems around the world and inculcate them in the school’s curriculum
  • Create lesson plans that use the textbook as the base but enrich them to make it align with our vision of excellent education
  • Conduct small training sessions with teachers to enable them to do the same.


Reality Gives does not provide a stipend but offers assistance in finding housing and cultural excursions.


Share the CV, Transcript, and a cover letter to Suman Barua  at . He will contact you for a Skype Interview. 


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