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Rural Development Foundation

Rural Development Foundation 

English Education Program Developer and Trainer
Kalleda, Rollakal, Redlawada, Matendla Village (outside Hyderabad), Telangana, India


RDF is a charitable organization that runs completely on donations from individuals and organizations, and it receives no government funding. RDF’s main office is located in Hyderabad. Three out of four of the organization’s schools and its junior college are located in Warangal district of Telangana, approximately 160 kilometers from Hyderabad. Its fourth school is located in Medak district, approximately 120 kilometers from Hyderabad. Rural Development Foundation believes that education is a vehicle for rural development and that it is the only way out of poverty for the poor communities it serves. All RDF students are first‐generation learners. About 1,500 students are currently enrolled at RDF’s schools and junior college. Students enrolled at RDF’s schools come from agrarian communities where most villagers are employed in agriculture as farmers, laborers, or daily wage workers. These communities suffer from the typical social problems common to rural India – alcoholism, dowry‐related violence, child labor, and child marriages. Through RDF’s work, the villages served by the organization have experienced a decrease in the occurrence of school dropouts, child marriages, and child labor practices. In addition, RDF’s schools surpass national averages with respect to school attendance post‐enrollment. RDF emphasizes the education of girls, and strives to keep girls in school by providing a reduced fee structure and active community engagement. To date, close to 950 ​students have graduated from RDF’s schools and enrolled in higher education. RDF invests extensively in teacher training by partnering with outside organizations and monitoring the quality of teaching and learning in its classrooms through the assessments of volunteer education coordinators.


This internship is open to both undergraduate and graduate students interested in Indian education, particularly in a rural setting. Potential applicants should be prepared to work with students and teachers at various levels of English proficiency. Previous teaching experience or TEFL certification is an advantage, but may not be necessary depending on the past experiences and enthusiasm of the applicant. Those who wish to apply for this position must express commitment to RDF’s vision of developing rural areas through the education of its children.

Living in these villages will have its challenges, such as intermittent electricity outages and limited access to certain amenities. However, positive aspects of this experience cannot be replicated elsewhere. These villages are sites of close‐knit, yet linguistically and religiously diverse communities. There is also significant opportunity for cross‐cultural exchange, as it is nearly impossible to walk down a village road, without being invited in for a cup of chai or dinner. Compared with urban placements, working in rural areas can allow for a depth of cultural immersion that is not as likely in an English‐speaking office in India.


RDF Kalleda school has set up 2 voice labs (English language lab). We are open to volunteer/s willing to help our rural youth/staff in effectively developing their English language skills and thus impacting the kids language skills development by using this facility.

  • To conduct a needs assessment in the area of English language ability, identifying gaps, and building practical steps to plug in those gaps.
  • To conceptualize an appropriate TSL/TFL program, develop a delivery timetable, and engage in training exercises with teachers and students (to be carried out in conjunction with the Education Coordinator and Program Manager).
  • To supervise and handhold teachers through post‐training sessions and work closely with the schools and head office to ensure the smooth flow of education initiatives.
  • To coordinate or execute other school or community‐level activities periodically.


Rural Development Foundation will provide housing, meals, and cultural excursions.


Send resume and cover letter to ​Subhashini Potluri,


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