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The City and South Asia

In SAI’s second annual publication, The City and South Asia, experts from a variety of fields, at both Harvard and elsewhere, have come together to hold up a cross-disciplinary lens to urban centers in South Asia.

Expert Pushes for Cost-Effective Design in India

This article originally appeared in the Harvard Crimson. By Caleb O. Shelburne, Crimson Contributing Writer Drawing from first-hand research, professor Vikram C. Bhatt discussed urbanization in India on Monday evening at the Center for Government and International...

Exploring a city’s narrative

By Abhishek Rahman, MDiv Candidate, Harvard Divinity School Suketu Mehta, a journalist and fiction writer, visited Harvard University last week to deliver three lectures to sold-out audiences at the Graduate School of Design, all on the topic of ‘The Secret Life...

Symposium highlights ongoing research projects

SAI held its Annual Symposium on April 24 and 25 titled ‘South Asia Regionalism: Workshops on Shared Challenges and the Way Forward.’ The workshops highlighted and showcased ongoing faculty research projects supported by SAI. Topics included mobile technology, disaster response and mental health, urbanism in South Asia, urban water challenges, religion and secularism, and the informal economy.