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Symposium highlights ongoing research projects

SAI held its Annual Symposium on April 24 and 25 titled ‘South Asia Regionalism: Workshops on Shared Challenges and the Way Forward.’ The workshops highlighted and showcased ongoing faculty research projects supported by SAI. Topics included mobile technology, disaster response and mental health, urbanism in South Asia, urban water challenges, religion and secularism, and the informal economy.

Boston Water Consortium meets at Harvard

This multi-university Boston Water Consortium, includes Harvard, MIT, Tufts and BU, and organizes monthly roundtable discussions to identify a common language around understanding the various issues related to water. The group met on April 15 at a dinner hosted by SAI and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Symposium preview: Urban Water Challenges in South Asia

Providing access to water for an expanding urban population within a stressed and aging water infrastructure creates unprecedented challenges. These challenges are further exacerbated in South Asia. As part of SAI’s Annual Symposium, Shafiqul Islam of Tufts will lead a workshop on April 25 about urban water challenges.

John Briscoe wins the 2014 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate

Professor John Briscoe, a member of SAI’s Steering Committee, is named the 2014 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate for his unparalleled contributions to global and local water management, inspired by an unwavering commitment to improving the lives of people on the ground.

The complexity of water

On November 21, SAI hosted a roundtable meeting to convene experts on water issues from the Boston area. With an issue as complex as water, SAI hopes to coordinate future conferences and workshops to identify a common intellectual language about water issues and harness the resources of these experts.