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Taktse International School

Taktse International School 

Sikkim, India


Taktse International School, founded six years ago, is a growing, loving community of teachers and students. Every term, we welcome Fellows, Resource Professionals and Visitors from all over the world to share with us wonderful experiences of education. We are looking for bright and engaging minds with thirsts for creative education and adventure. Located in the Indian Himalayas, Taktse International School is both an ideal and idyllic location to teach and learn, to be and to reflect.


We are looking for passionate and sensitive people to help us build and sustain this amazing community of life-long learners in the Himalayas. Being a school that uses innovative teaching methods set against a traditional background, we encourage critical thinking, freedom of expression and self-reflection and are looking for the same in our fellows. ​Our students are not bound to rote memorization–we pride ourselves in finding the balance between knowledge and joy. Learning is important, but it is also fun; learning builds confidence and joy.​ At Taktse, we are looking for fellows who can share our warm community and add to the joys of learning. We are looking for independent, responsible fellows who have backgrounds in teaching and travelling. We are looking for creative fellows who can not only pass knowledge onto our students, but also support our teachers. We are looking for role models who embody our mission, consultants who can help us grow, and teammates who can help us win the student-faculty soccer game.​There is no set caricature of our fellows–we encourage everyone with a passion for adventure and education to apply.

There are three different applications: one for undergraduate summer fellows, one for gap-year fellows, and another for fellows that do not fall into either category. 


Depending on your strengths and experiences, we will place you in different jobs once you have been accepted to be a fellow. You will either be a teacher’s aid in different classrooms, teaching your own classes, or helping with administrative work. On the application and during the interview, there will be opportunities to voice your preferences.


Fellows must provide $100/ week to cover basic food and lodging costs. Traveling costs must also be covered by the individual. 


Applications can be filled out online at A $25 fee application must also be submitted unless the applicant is a past fellow. Skype interviews will be conducted with qualified applicants.


Tags: Education, Community Development

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