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The Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute of International Relations and Strategic Studies

The Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute of International Relations and Strategic

Colombo, Sri Lanka

LKI is a multi-disciplinary research institute established by statute in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Institute is named after the late Lakshman Kadirgamar, P.C., M.P., and three-times Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister. The Institute was established to fulfill the country’s need for a think tank specializing in the field of international relations and strategic studies. The institute’s mission is to engage in independent research of Sri Lanka’s international relations and strategic interests, and to provide insights and recommendations that advance justice, peace, prosperity, and sustainability.

LKI has two broad research programs: Global Governance and Global Economy. The Global Governance program examines issues relating to geopolitics, international law, and security. These include maritime issues, cyber security, transitional justice, international human rights norms, Sri Lanka’s role in the UN, and its cultural relations in sports, religion, and the arts. The Global Economy Program reflects the shifting emphasis in international relations – in Sri Lanka and elsewhere – to economic diplomacy. This program generates analysis of Sri Lanka’s trade, foreign investment and tourism, including on initiatives to reposition Sri Lanka as an economic center of the Indian Ocean Region. LKI releases publications ranging from working papers to shorter articles that explain significant global developments and analyse their impact on Sri Lanka and the region. The Institute also engages with leading national and international academics and policymakers through speeches/lectures, panel discussions, and round tables organised throughout the year. LKI’s research team generates publications for a range of stakeholders, including the Foreign Ministry, other ministries, the private sector, academics, civil society, students, the media, and other members of the public. LKI’s research team also responds to requests by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to share insights on topics relevant to the Ministry’s work. These topics have included Sri Lanka’s economic challenges and the role of technology.


Many of our interns have a background in international politics or economics. However, we welcome applications from students in other fields who have a keen interest in foreign affairs and public policy.


Depending on their interests and backgrounds, interns may work in one or more of 3 areas:

  • Research
    • Responsibilities include research and writing for LKI publications and publishing work with LKI’s research team
  • Communications (including both print and online platforms)
    • Responsibilities include managing LKI’s social media platforms and developing innovative ways for presenting LKI research and writing in reader-friendly formats, as per global think tank trends and standards.
  • Program (coordinating research activities and events)
    • Responsibilities include coordinating LKI’s programs, including high-level speeches/lectures and round table discussion, and producing event reports for publishing.


This is an unpaid internship, and interns will be responsible for arranging their visas, travel and accommodation in Sri Lanka. LKI will provide interns with a letter and instructions for obtaining the relevant visa.


To apply, please email a cover letter and CV (listing two referees) to the Deputy Director at If you are interested in a Research internship, please also include a writing sample that shows your ability to think critically and construct a logical argument.


Tags: International Relations, Economics, Communications, Programs

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