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Welcome to the internal page for the 2016-2017 Science and Technology Fellowship at Harvard, part of the Boston Bangalore Biosciences Beginnings Program (B4). The B4 Program is a collaboration between IBAB, Bengaluru, India, and the Harvard South Asia Institute, Cambridge, MA. Supported by DBT, Govt. of India and Dept. of IT, BT and S&T, Govt. of Karnataka.

Slides and Readings

We will post lecture slides and readings from class here.





Welcome! Each day will consist of 4 lectures given by faculty from Harvard University and partner institutions in Bangalore. The first 3 lectures will cover fundamental topics in the field of neuroscience (both introductory and advanced), and the final lecture each day will highlight current research and techniques. In the evening, you will have an opportunity to apply what you’ve learned through hand-on activities and demonstrations. We hope that the student-faculty interaction will continue informally over meals and breaks throughout the day.


Day 1 (Dec 29): Introductions and course overview

Day 2 (Dec 30): Developmental Neuroscience

Day 3 (Dec 31): Happy New Year! (day off)

Day 4 (Jan 1): Happy New Year! (day off)

Day 5 (Jan 2): Cellular Neurophysiology

Day 6 (Jan 3): Synaptic Transmission

Day 7 (Jan 4): Neural circuits and computation

Day 8 (Jan 5): Sensory systems

Day 9 (Jan 6): Higher brain functions

Day 10 (Jan 7): Corporate Day

Day 11: (Jan 8): day off

Day 12: (Jan 9): Motor system

Day 13: (Jan 10): Clinical Neuroscience

Day 14: (Jan 11): Real world applications