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Visiting Artist Fellowship

Each year, the Mittal Institute’s Visiting Artist Fellowship welcomes mid-career artists from South Asia to Harvard’s campus to engage with Harvard faculty and students, to participate in art exhibitions, and to perform research using Harvard’s intellectual resources to further their art practice.

Faculty Lead
Jinah Kim, George P. Bickford Professor of Indian and South Asian Art, Harvard University

Since the launch of the Visiting Artist Fellowship, the Mittal Institute has welcomed 23 artists from South Asia to campus to conduct independent research that explores critical issues in South Asia through the lens of art and design. 

About the Fellowship

The Mittal Institute’s Arts Program offers fellowships to four mid-career artists from across South Asia through a competitive process and invites them to Harvard’s campus for two months. We offer artists the chance to engage with Harvard faculty and students in the classroom, and provide an opportunity for them to showcase their work through a public talk and exhibition. The program allows the Harvard community to engage with artists of diverse backgrounds, whose work in various mediums address social, economic, and political issues in South Asia.

At the Institute, the Fellows receive access to Harvard’s physical and digital libraries and archives, Harvard Museums and local museums, the opportunity to attend classes and mentorship from faculty, and a platform to share their work through presentations, exhibits, and the Mittal Institute’s website.

Due to COVID-related programming changes, we have reimagined the 2020-2021 Visiting Artist Fellowship. This year, instead of selecting four artists to visit Harvard’s campus, we have selected our 13 top applicants to attend a series of four online virtual seminars curated for them to support the artists’ long-term practice, while simultaneously contributing to thought-provoking discussions among their peers and the faculty facilitating the class.

The selected artists will be joining us this fall from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal and will attend classes on art history, creative writing, urban design, and more through the use of Harvard’s intellectual and creative resources.


As many of you are aware, Harvard University is currently operating in a modified manner resulting from restrictions related to the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Please note that any fellowship offers for the upcoming Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters and the start date of the fellowship will remain contingent on the University returning to an operational and financial status that enables us to proceed with this appointment.

Visiting Artist Fellowship Applications are open for Spring 2022

Application Deadline: Deadline has been extended to August 24, 2021


Media and Resources


Our latest publications highlight our past Visiting Artist Fellows and the work they have done during their time at Harvard.

What I love about these experiences are the anecdotes that come up, perhaps sitting with a professor and talking about my work and hearing the narratives that they bring up. That’s what is going to inspire my work [as a Visiting Artist Fellow].

Numair Abbasi

Visiting Artist Fellow ‘20