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Visiting Artist Fellowship


Please contact Sneha Shrestha, Arts Program Manager, at if any of your questions are not answered in the FAQ.


How do I apply?
In order to apply to the Visiting Artist Fellowships, please apply to CARAT, our application database. You will need to create an XID. Instructions for creating an XID are here. Please read the instructions thoroughly.
I have requested an XID but I cannot seem to log in to CARAT.

You must activate your XID first by following the instructions in your confirmation email.  Please consult step 3 and 4 in the instructions. Please wait at least 24 hours after activating your XID before logging onto CARAT. If you have waiting at least 24 hours and are still having difficulty logging onto CARAT, ensure that you are on the XID login pane on CARAT before attempting to log in.  Consult step 8 in the instructions.

I have requested an XID but I do not see a confirmation email.

Please check your spam folder.

I have logged onto CARAT successfully, but I cannot seem to find the Visiting Artist Fellowship.

Please look up “The Lakshmi Mittal and Family South Asia Institute Visiting Artist Fellowship 2020-2021” on CARAT.

I have submitted my application. Is there a way that I can download my entire application as a PDF?

Yes.  You will need to log in to CARAT.  When you do, the home page should list your submitted application. Please click on the “Review” button corresponding to your application to download the PDF. Please note that this PDF will not have the letters that your references submitted.

What is an “electronic signature”?

This is to ensure that you have double checked and validated the details of your application.  If the information is all correct, then please input the ID in the parentheses into the signature field.

How do I submit my application?

Click on the “Submission” tab and then click “validate” my application and follow the instructions.

Letters of Recommendation

How do I submit my recommendation letters?

Letters of recommendation should be submitted directly to CARAT by recommenders. You will input the recommender’s name and email address into the “References” section of the CARAT application.  Once you input the name and email address of your recommender, a button should show up that says “Send a Reference Request.” Click on this button, which will automatically send a button to your recommender.


My recommender says that they did not receive the email to upload the recommendation letter. What do I do?

We suggest that you do the following:

  • Ensure that you pressed the “Send a Reference Request” button.
  • Ask recommenders to check their spam folder on their email
  • Ensure that you have written the email address correctly in CARAT.  

If you are still having difficulty, email

What does it mean to “waive my right to access the letter of recommendation written on my behalf”?

If you click “Yes” to waiving your right to access the letter of recommendation, it means that you have agreed not to request the recommendation letter after you have submitted your applications. If you click “No,” that means that you can request the letter of recommendation at a later time, after applications are completed and finalists selected. Your decision on this question will not affect your standing for the application.

Do references need to be from Harvard professors?


What should I write on the “Title” field when inputting reference information?

Please write the “title” of your recommender.  For instance, if your recommender is a teacher at your school please write, “Teacher at (name of your school).”

Do letters of recommendation need to be in English?

Yes, letters must be in English. Non-English letters will result in an incomplete application.