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Administration and Staff

Tarun Khanna

Director of the Lakshmi Mittal South Asia Institute & Jorge Paulo Lemann Professor, Harvard Business SchoolProfile

Meena Sonea Hewett

Executive Director
phone: 617-496-9198

Abanish Rizal

Assistant DirectorEmail

Jee Soo Kang

Programs CoordinatorEmail

Amy Johnson

Communications and OutreachEmail

Hasit Shah

Communications Affiliate Email

Maryam Mirza Alivandi

Financial AssociateEmail

Sarah K. Gordon

Director of Finance & AdministrationEmail


The British India Partition Project Staff

Saba Kohli Dave

Research AssistantEmail

Rasim Alam

Research Assistant Email

Nabil Khan

Visiting Scholar, FXB Center for Health and Human Rights, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public HealthEmail

Shubhangi Bhadada

Interfaculty Fellow, LMSAIEmail


In-Region Staff

Sanjay Kumar

India Country DirectorProfileEmail

Farhana Siddiqui

Staff Assistant, Delhi

Savitha G. Ananth

Program Coordinator, B4Email

Garima Aggarwal

Grant and Finance ManagerEmail

Mariam Chughtai

Pakistan Programs ManagerEmail

Pukar Malla

Program Consultant, KathmanduEmail

Fishing boats off the coast of Jaffna town

Fishing boats off the coast of Jaffna town