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Harvard Gender Violence Project



The overarching goal of the Harvard Gender Violence Project is to elevate the status of South Asian women by engaging societies to reject violence and foster respect for all people. The Harvard Gender Violence Project (HGVP) is a collaboration between The Mittal Institute, Harvard Law School, Harvard Business School, and the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights, and regional experts working in the area of gender violence prevention and intervention programs. The HGVP was established shortly after the 2012 Delhi gang rape incident that generated wide spread attention, both nationally and internationally, and a call for action.

An interdisciplinary group of faculty, students and administrators with relevant past experience hope to join forces with colleagues working in South Asia, to develop ideas and synergies, that can contribute to progressive change in this pervasive problem.

Faculty Leaders:

Jacqueline Bhabha, FXB Director of Research, Professor of the Practice of Health and Human Rights, Harvard School of Public Health, Jeremiah Smith, Jr. Lecturer in Law, Harvard Law School, Adjunct Lecturer, Harvard Kennedy School

Akshay Mangla, Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School

Diane Rosenfeld, Lecturer on Law and Director of the Gender Violence Program, Harvard Law School

Watch videos of Gender Justice, Criminal Law, and Curriculum Reforms Conference in Delhi, July 2013:

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