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Contemporary Cities Resources



Estimating Urbanization
Reza Ali, August 2013


Underestimating Urbanization
Reza Ali


Special Report: The Urbanising Effect
The News on Sunday on Reza Ali’s work with comments by leading experts


Karachi’s Stone Age proves history didn’t start with the Muslims
Mahim Maher, The Express Tribune


Urban Sense
S. Akbar Zaidi, The News on Sunday


Media Coverage


Pakistan urban forum: Harvard, South Asian experts to star at mega Karachi conference in Jan
The Express Tribune


Conference on South Asian cities in January

The International News


Urban Pakistan: Let our cities manage themselves to prosper, says Dr Ishrat Husain

The Express Tribune


Iqbal spells out government’s urban planning strategy

Business Recorder


Managing the dead, trauma and survivors

The Express Tribune


We can’t build our way out of disasters any more: Prof. Jennifer Leaning

The Express Tribune


Reviving the economic base of Pakistani cities


Rich-poor gap creates cities within cities, moot told

The International News


Urban problems: ‘With elasticity of space, let cities find their own solutions’

The Express Tribune