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Cosponsored Event

February 6 – March 10 2017
Harvard Graduate School of Design, 2nd Floor Exhibition Wall

Ashley C. Thompson, Design Studies in Risk and Resilience, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Curated from a collection of portraits of women and girls taken over more than 25 years of global travel, the exhibition presents ten portraits of women in rural villages from Nepal, Bhutan, Peru, and French Guiana. Accompanied by description and personal narrative, the work draws attention to a gendered global phenomenon: boys and men departing their homes and families, while the women remain.

The resulting distortion of the gender demographic across geographies and cultures is startling – villages everywhere seemingly inhabited only by women, children, and the elderly or impaired. Capturing the journey and imagination, of an American woman raised nomadically, the exhibition intimately frames her encounters with these girls and women and the realities they face, so drastically different from her own, incorporated into her own story of self.