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Urbanization and Gender Seminar

Sharmila Murthy, Assistant Professor of Law, Suffolk University; Visiting Scholar, Sustainability Science Program, Harvard Kennedy School

Ramnath Subbaraman, Associate Physician, Brigham and Women’s Hospital; Research Advisor, Partners for Urban Knowledge, Action, and Research (PUKAR), Mumbai, India

Subhadra Banda, Research Associate, Centre for Policy Research; MPP Candidate, Harvard Kennedy School of Government

As India looks to position itself as a global leader, it also bears the ignominious status as being the open defecation capital of the world.  Of the 2.5 billion people in the world who still lack access to adequate sanitation, nearly one-third live in India.  Tragic events last summer in rural India further raised awareness of access to toilets as a women’s issue.  Drawing on their experiences in urban and rural India, Professor Murthy, Dr. Subbaraman and Ms. Banda will explore the challenges of improving access to sanitation on the sub-continent, addressing the public health, gender, policy and legal dimensions of this complicated issue.