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Book Talk

Bina Agarwal, Professor of Development Economics and Environment at the University of Manchester

Pauline PetersFellow, African Studies Center, Faculty Affiliate, Center for International Development, Harvard University.

Chair: Jacqueline BhabhaFXB Director of Research; Professor of the Practice of Health and Human Rights, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health; Jeremiah Smith, Jr. Lecturer in Law, Harvard Law School; Adjunct Lecturer, Harvard Kennedy School

This panel will discuss Gender Challenges, a three-volume compendium by Professor Bina Agarwal, who is known for her path-breaking writings on agriculture, property rights, and the environment. The compendium brings together a selection of her essays, written over three decades, and is published by Oxford University Press, 2016. Combining diverse disciplines, methodologies, and cross-country comparisons, the essays challenge standard economic analysis and assumptions from a gender perspective. They provide original insights on a wide range of theoretical, empirical, and policy issues of continuing importance in contemporary debates.