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Over the past decade South Asia has grown immensely in popularity as a research destination for students of disciplines ranging from religion to public health. The six Graduate Student Associates (GSAs) of the South Asia Institute — whose backgrounds include political science, education, law, public health, and history — will speak on their experiences in the field. The GSAs have a particularly broad and diverse background working with NGOs and government organizations in South Asia.

This workshop is designed to be a particularly helpful forum for students contemplating or preparing for research abroad.

Moderator: Shankar Ramaswami, South Asia Institute South Asian Studies Postdoctoral Fellow
Mariam Chughtai, Ed.D. Candidate, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Aditya Dasgupta, PhD Candidate, Department of Government
Madhav Khosla, PhD. Candidate, Political Theory
Corrina Moucheraud, Doctoral Candidate, Harvard School of Public Health
Dinyar Patel, PhD candidate, Department of History
Erum Sattar, SJD Candidate, Harvard Law School

Reception to follow.