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Improving the value derived by patients from out-of-pocket expenditures on health

Date: January 24, 2023, 6:00 to 7:30 pm IST/ 7:30 to 9:00 am ET

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The webinar is a joint Lancet Citizens’ Commission on Reimagining India’s Health System event with the Population Foundation of India (PFI). While this number varies from state to state, between 50-70% of all expenditures are incurred by Indians from their own pockets when they seek healthcare services. A long-term durable solution to this problem requires state governments to increase their budgetary allocations and improve the efficiency with which these amounts are spent. For the foreseeable future, however, improving the value derived by patients from out-of-pocket expenditures will need to be a key area of focus for the Indian health system. In this panel, we hope to explore how this could best be accomplished. As a Citizens’ Commission, we invite the public to participate in the discussion, provide input and engage with the panelists.



  • Prof. Cristine Legare, Professor of Psychology and Director, Center for Applied Cognitive Science at The University of Texas, Austin
  • Priya Naik, Founder & CEO, Samhita Social Ventures Pvt Ltd
  • Sandy Festa, Executive Director, AtlantiCare FQHC at AtlantiCare



  • Bindu Ananth, Chair, Co-Founder and Managing Trustee of Dvara Holdings


The Lancet Citizens’ Commission on Reimagining India’s Health System is an ambitious, cross-sectoral endeavor that aims to lay out a citizens’ roadmap to achieving universal health coverage for the people of India. Our new webinar series is intended to serve as a platform for public health discourse in India, and a means for academics, practitioners and the public to engage on substantive and timely issues regarding universal health coverage in India.


Population Foundation of India is a fifty-year-old Indian non-profit organisation working towards the effective formulation and implementation of gender-sensitive health strategies and policies.