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Inclusive Innovation and Harvard Students

Omidyar Grant for Entrepreneurship in South Asia

Women only cyber-cafes in Chennai, education reform through summer camps in Karachi, and mobile alerts for job seekers in rural Sri Lanka — These are the innovative solutions awarded the 2013 SAI Omidyar Grant for Entrepreneurship in South Asia. Read more here.


Contemporary South Asia: Entrepreneurial Solutions to Intractable Social & Economic Problems

This survey course focuses on several categories of social and economic problems faced by the countries of South Asia, with specific focus on the realms of Education, Health, and Financial Inclusion. Each problem category will be dealt with through a survey lecture, supplemented by assigned and recommended readings for those wishing to explore the topic further, and an in-depth look at several organizations, companies and non-profits that have attempted to address some of the problems within that category. The primary objective of the course is to engage students (in an inter-disciplinary and university-wide setting) with the modern day challenges affecting South Asia, and to examine a range of entrepreneurial attempts to solve these problems. Read more here.