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Pakistan Innovation Network

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Social Change in Action!

Rabtt aims to educate young minds to promote independent and critical thinking by enabling students and young professionals to make ‘human connections’ different classes of society which involves challenging the conventional system of pedagogy, and setting students free from the restrictions of conventional systems to realize their potential. Rabbt is a 2013 recipient of the Omidyar Grant for Entrepreneurship in South Asia. 

Read more about Rabtt here.

Pakistan Innovation Network

PIN is a collaborative venture and will help create an: 1) entrepreneurship ecosystem in Pakistan by identifying key actors, building institutional capacity, and creating an innovative connective network; 2) Mentor innovators through successive entrepreneurship stages and enable experimentation; and 3) Effect constructive change for the bottom of the pyramid through Harvard faculty and student ownership of specific projects.

Our goal for sparking social innovation is broader than our focus on Pakistan. We hope to engage in regional conversations and shared learning across South Asia and the developing world. We believe strongly that Harvard has unique convening capacity to align stakeholders to work on the world’s critical development problems.

PIN was selected for residency at the Harvard Innovation Lab in the spring of 2013.

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