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Payal Narain

Payal NarainProgram Consultant, SAI Delhi Office

Payal Narain a product design and textile professional, has used her skills to work in the social sector for the last thirteen years. Starting out in the export sector, Payal spearheaded product design and marketing initiatives mainly in the home furnishings industry for over a decade.

Subsequently Payal put her expertise and experience in the organised sector to use to respond to her true calling to work to improve livelihoods for grassroots and forest fringe communities with a focus on environment and wildlife conservation. Through awareness, education, skill development programmes and marketing support, Payal has worked to assist tribal and other marginalised communities develop the means for income augmentation and a sustainable livelihood by reducing pressure on forest resources

Payal’s experience ranges from capacity building, education and awareness programmes, business promotion for rural and economically weaker section of society with a focus on women entrepreneurship and skill development. She has also been a resource person for various workshops and training programmes. She is well versed in liaising with the corporate sector and government and non govenmental organisations. Besides this she has been involved in proposal and report writing, as well as fund raising and communication to highlight various social issues.

In the export and business sector Payal has worked with market leaders like Mahajan Overseas, Triburg International, JPC, the largest manufacturer of riding breeches worldwide and Nitco Tiles. Subsequently shifting to the Non‐Profit sector Payal has worked as Project Manager at The Wildlife Protection Society of India on community rehabilitation, and awareness and education, and other wildlife projects. She also participated in two state tiger censuses.

She was Projects Coordinator at the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust, a self‐sustaining rural community welfare based conservation project involving village communities in conservation efforts and awareness work by providing jobs and other income generating opportunities. She has also consulted with Dastkar, a leading indigenous craft revival organization in India, working with craftspeople at the grass roots level.

As Project Manager at the Federation for International Women Entrepreneurs she was Involved in publishing the Communication and creating a database of rural artisans/crafts to provide technical and marketing support. She has also worked at WWF‐India as a Consultant for the Sustainable Livelihoods Programme, and awareness and fundraising with the Conservation Products division. Payal is currently a Consultant at WWF‐India with the Environment Education Division. The work involves urban and rural sensitisation towards environmental issues including education for sustainable development.

Payal has graduated in Textiles from Sophia’s In Mumbai and is a bronze medallist. Besides English, she is fluent in Hindi and has a working knowledge of Bengali. Payal has travelled on business internationally to the US, UK, Germany, Japan, Hongkong and Singapore. Within India Payal has travelled to and worked in remote areas from to Koyalagudam,Karur, Badohi, Panipat, Sundarbans, Bhandara and others. She has studied in Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai.

Payal enjoys outdoor activities like horse‐riding, swimming, and travelling to wildlife areas, as well as art and literature.