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Home Institution: Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune.

Field of Specialization: Genome Biology

Research: I studied the functional importance of Nucleoporin Nup93- subcomplex in regulating HOXA gene cluster expression. Our results revealed that Nup93 tethers HOXA gene cluster to the nuclear periphery and represses its expression in differentiated cells. We delineated the genome-wide function of Nup93 using ChIP-Seq and found that Nup93 associates with genes involved in development and differentiation. Furthermore, we interrogated the cross-talk between CTCF, the genome organizer, and Nup93 in regulating the HOXA gene cluster organization during differentiation.

Boston Faculty Mentor: Jason Buenrostro, Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Harvard University

What are you most excited about for your year at Boston?

I am most excited about doing research in world’s top university in the field of my interest.