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Annie is a literary scholar whose research lies at the intersections of translation, South Asian literature, religious studies, travel writing, and memory studies. She holds a PhD in Translation Studies and Comparative Literature from the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, India. Her PhD research was a literary study of Kristapurāṇa, a seventeenth-century Marathi poetic text. She studied the text as a cultural translation of the biblical narrative, with travel, transformation, genre, and landscapes as critical themes. Her forthcoming book Texts, Traditions, and Sacredness: Cultural Translation in Kristapurāṇa is based on her doctoral research.

During the fellowship she will examine the relationship between translation, geography, sacredness, and memory through an archival and literary exploration of Marathi works from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Through a study of select works of translation from this period, she will attempt to re-draw a landscape of colonial South Asia through the critical lens of translation. The literary landscapes of two texts, Yatrik Kraman (1841) and Khristayana (1919), will provide the primary routes to explore the idea of translated landscapes and emerging geographies in South Asia of the period. She hopes to uncover the role of translation in repainting literary landscapes and the ecological implications of the translation of sacred texts.

Annie’s mentor during her fellowship will be Vidyan Ravinthiran in the Department of English.