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Flavia Agnes is a women’s rights lawyer.  A pioneer of the women’s movement, she has worked consistently on issues of gender and law reforms. As co-founder of MAJLIS, a legal and cultural resource centre, her primary engagement has been to provide quality legal services to women and children.

She has played an important role in bringing women’s rights to the forefront within the legal system and in contextualizing issues of gender and identity.  A prolific writer, she has provided incisive analysis of many social trends and legal reforms including domestic violence, minority law reforms, secularism and human rights.   Significant among her many publications is her autobiographical book  `My Story Our Story … Of Rebuilding Broken Lives’ which has been translated into several languages.  Other publications included  `Law & Gender Inequality – The Politics of Personal Laws in India’ and an Omnibus, ‘Women and Law’ (co-edit) both published by Oxford University Press