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Garima Gupta is a researcher and artist based in New Delhi, India. She documents micro-stories and events considered tenuous in ecological wars. In brining these flotsams of ecological wreckage, her work invites us to witness as this refuse transforms into molecules of loss, migration, wants, imaginations, obsessions, frivolity and attachment – beckoning a change with and within, for a radically robust future of our ecosphere. Her fieldwork confides in drawing, film making and writing as a petition for fringe narratives and failing archives – speculating, fabulating – that which is not uttered and seldom imagined. Recent sites of her inquiry include the Mahakali river on the India-Nepal border. Geographies of past fieldwork include Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Thailand where she has been documenting trade in wildlife. She presented an intermediate stage solo show, Minutes of the Meeting at Clark House Initiative in 2017 and her 5-year long research project based on fieldwork in Papua New Guinea and Southeast Asian archipelago culminated into a solo show, ‘Filed Under: a/muse/um’ at Tarq, Mumbai in 2020. Her group shows include, NAYA ANJOR (Delhi, India), EVENT, MEMORY, METAPHOR (Mumbai, India), A BEAST, A GOD AND A LINE at Dhaka Art Summit (Bangladesh), Para Site (Hong Kong) and Museum of Modern Art (Poland), Kunsthall Trondheim (Norway). Her works are in the collection at Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, New Delhi.

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