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Hansong Li is a political scientist and intellectual historian in the Government Department at Harvard University. His research explores the languages and practices of interstate justice in South Asia, in comparison to East Asian and European traditions. In particular, he studies Vedic and later Sanskrit sources of social thought, and how they are reimagined in modern political and economic debates over diplomacy and development. He is currently working on his dissertation, which is a case for interstate justice in the South Asian tradition, in both connection and comparison to East Asian and Western thought. He also serves as the head TF for Tarun Khanna’s “Contemporary Developing Countries.” Lastly, he is currently co-authoring a paper on the “Ethics and Economics of Medical Supplies,” forthcoming in European Scientific Journal’s special edition on “Public Policies in Times of Pandemic.” 

Prior to his Ph.D. at Harvard, Hansong received his B.A. from the University of Chicago and M.Phil. from the University of Cambridge. His previous works range from legal philosophy, maritime political theory, and Tangutology, to geopolitics and political economy.

Hansong recently co-authored a paper onEthics and Economics of Medical Supplies in the COVID-19 Pandemic” in the European Scientific Journal. He also recently published “The ‘Indo-Pacific’: Intellectual Origins and International Visions in Global Contexts” in Modern Intellectual History and is the editor/translator of Economy of Western Xia, recently published (Open Access) by Brill.