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hardeepHardeep DhillonPhD Candidate, Dept. of History, Harvard University

Hardeep is a third-year doctoral student in the History Department at Harvard University specializing in Modern South Asian History. Hardeep’s research focuses on the anticolonial claims of Indian migrants who were traveling in and through Southeast Asia and North America at the turn of the twentieth century. The project brings forward well-known historical events such as Bhagat Singh Thind v. United States (1924), the 1914 mutiny of the 5th Light Infantry in Singapore, and the Komogata Maru incident. In her approach, Hardeep centers ideas of race and masculinity and brings the histories of Indians in Manila, Hong Kong, Astoria, Singapore, Berkeley, and San Francisco that have been peripheral in our study of India to the fore. More broadly, Hardeep’s research interests include: minority communities, race, migration, rights, citizenship, law, and gender.