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Raile R. Ziipao is an Assistant Professor of Sociology, Central University of Punjab. He was the 2017-2018 Raghunathan Family Fellow at the Mittal Institute. His research interest includes socio-anthropology of infrastructure, Indigenous/Tribal epistemology, and social policy. 

Ziipao’s work has been published in the Journal of South Asian Development, Asian Ethnicity, Strategic Analysis, Economic and Political Weekly, and in multiple edited book chapters. His recent book, Infrastructure of Injustice: State and Politics in Manipur and Northeast India (Routledge: New York and London, 2020), examines the concept of infrastructure of injustice, infrastructural injustice, and infrastructure deficit in the conflict-ridden state of Manipur, focusing especially on road and electricity. The volume shows how problems arising from poor infrastructure are further complicated on account of corruption, insurgency, ethnic unrest, and politics of marginalization.

He also edited a book with Bodhi SR, Land, Words and Resilient Culture: The Ontological Basis of Tribal Identity (Tribal Intellectual Collective India, 2019). This edited volume is an effort of the Tribal Intellectual Collective India to articulate concrete tribal conditions in very distinct subject domains — land, language, and cultures. This is part of a series entitled “Tribal and Adivasi Discourse,” a project of the TICI to de-assemble methodology, perspectives, and theories concerning tribes/Adivasis in India. This book attempts to unravel new dimensions in the debates on the subject. Most of the authors (both tribe and non-tribe) have framed their papers around a perspective from within, the premise of TICI’s writings. This book is both an academic engagement within and among Tribal scholars, academics, and activists well-wishers who share similar concerns and perspectives.