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Raile Rocky Ziipao is an Assistant Professor of Sociology, IIT Bombay. He was the 2017-18 Raghunathan Family/South Asian Fellow, Harvard University. His research interests include socio-anthropology of infrastructure, sociology of development, Indigenous/Tribal studies, and Northeast Indian studies. Ziipao’s work has been published in the Journal of South Asian Development, Asian Ethnicity, Strategic Analysis, Economic and Political Weekly, and in multiple edited book chapters. He is the author of Infrastructure of Injustice: State and Politics in Manipur and Northeast (Routledge: London and New York, 2020).

Research Interests:

Socio-anthropology of infrastructure and tribal/indigenous studies.


Ziipao, RR (2021). Politicising Roads in Manipur: Spatial and Temporal Relations of Infrastructure. Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 56 (4): 38-42