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Selmon is the Program Manager of the Lakshmi Mittal and Family South Asia Institute at Harvard University, and oversees its various events, seminars, grants, fellowships, and collaborations with faculty and partners in the greater Harvard community. He serves as the primary point of contact for students interested in internships and research support in the region, as well as for student organizations on campus. He manages the numerous research affiliates and fellows that the Mittal Institute appoints each year, and provides support for their work for the duration of their partnership with Harvard. He also works directly with the other international research centers and institutes within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences on various collaborative efforts and events.
Prior to working at Harvard, Selmon worked in various research roles in the fields of law, security, and resiliency studies. He previously served in program management roles at MIT, where he focused on professional education for international businesses and teams; as well as his alma mater, Northeastern University, where he focused on intercultural engagement and student involvement. His regional specialization while at Northeastern included the Middle East and South Asia, with a focus on  Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and the developing world.