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Bangalore Boston Nutrition Collaborative

The Bangalore Boston Nutrition Collaborative (BBNC) was established in 2009 between scientists at St. John’s Research Institute, the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and Tufts University to address the gap in the training of nutrition and global health professionals. It conducts multidisciplinary courses that help professionals convert policy to practice.

Building a Sanitation Infrastructure

The proposed project in collaboration with Urban Development Research Institute (UDRI) examines the issue of lack of low-cost sanitation infrastructure in Mumbai, with a special focus on community toilets in the city’s slums and informal settlements. Led by Professor Rahul Mehrotra, the research maps the larger community toilet networks, exploring social, technical, and cultural concerns surrounding public toilets in Mumbai.

Defluoridation of Water

The Defluoridation of Water project aims to develop affordable technology to remove excess fluoride in drinking water for rural communities in India, where there is a dearth of access to even very basic resources, like proper nutrition, education, and clean drinking water. The project proposes to develop and test the technology, scaling it up to a pilot test with a capacity of 500 L per day of safe drinking water.

Fuel Efficient Cookstoves

Under this project, indoor cookstoves are designed to be time and fuel efficient, while reducing harmful emissions and pollutants. A pilot project was carried out in 2018 in three villages throughout Karjat district in the state of Maharashtra, India.

Project Prakash

Project Prakash has been working since 2005 at the very grassroots of India, in hundreds of villages, connecting them to the most sophisticated treatment available and building awareness regarding  treatable and preventable blindness. Project Prakash Charitable Trust provides sight treatment free of charge to underprivileged children and those whose families are not aware that the condition can be corrected. 

Toolkit for Primary Healthcare

The goal of this project is to develop standardized protocols for the proposed Health and Wellness Clinics that are in development by the National Health Protection Scheme. The Project 3T (Training, Task-shifting, and Technology) has identified the St. John’s Research Institute (SJRI) as its primary test site to prototype the “EHR-Lite,” a small footprint, customizable electronic health record for primary care clinics in India. 

Understanding Prevention

Under the leadership of Professor Jacqueline Bhabha, the Understanding Prevention project seeks to develop a deeper understanding of community-level strategies to prevent child abuse, exploitation, and neglect, which are essential preconditions to adult success and productive engagement with society.