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Rabtt Fellowship Program
Lahore, Pakistan


Our Philosophy and Vision: Rabtt seeks to build a more empathetic society by developing and imparting a holistic education experience that fosters 21st century skills.
We aim to achieve this vision by laying the foundations of an education system that encourages critical thinking, fosters creativity, and gives individuals the confidence to self-actualize. Our four core competencies include critical thinking, empathy, creativity and self-confidence. We believe that only by connecting with individuals, and with information, in a meaningful way, we can create long lasting change; hence Rabtt – the connection.

Audience and Outreach: We work across multiple age groups, ranging from high-school students to young professionals, provide an alternative learning environment, and focus on building four core competencies in all participants: critical thinking, empathy, creativity, and self-confidence. To date we have engaged over 1,600 high-school students and over 350 university students and young professionals through different programs, building bonds of mutual learning and understanding.
Learning Model: We devise lesson plans in accordance with Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Bloom’s Taxonomy, and Lev Vygotsky’s Social Development Theory. We believe in creating mentor-student relationships where the job of the mentor is to facilitate the students develop and express their own opinions, involving them as active learners rather than passive listeners.


To Become a Rabtt fellow, you must be:

  • A university student currently enrolled in an undergraduate program.
  • Willing to make a commitment for a year-long fellowship with a minimum of 1 Training Session and 1 Summer Camp. This entails 40 days during Summer.
  • Have the passion, dedication and emotional maturity to educate children as well as learn from them.
  • Ready to take on Rabtt’s mission for quality education in Pakistan.


Each Rabtt fellow will conduct 1 Rabtt Summer Camps. The training sessions will provide an overview of the basic rules and principles that apply to Rabtt Summer Camps and Workshops, from ethical considerations in fulfilling the responsibilities, to requirements associated with the use of curriculum and delivering the concepts to students in a coherent manner ensuring maximum learning and quality.

Fellows engage students through courses on World History, Public Speaking, Thinking Skills, Arts, Dramatics, English and Mathematics. RSCs also have other sporting activities, educational trips and guest lectures.  II) Rabtt Workshops: Through Rabtt Workshops, the fellows:  Reinforce the content covered in RSCs and help ensure that students remain engaged with the subject material throughout the year. Introduce new concepts and material to students. The aim is to help students apply their acquired skills and comprehend the standard school curriculum in a new light.

Rabtt Fellowship Program is an opportunity for university students interested in teaching and serving their community. The one year program allows fellows to serve as educators and administrators, where they can actively become involved with public and low cost private school students through teaching and taking up other operational responsibilities during the Rabtt Summer Camps and Rabtt Workshops. Our fellows commit themselves to becoming better leaders and thorough professionals, while supporting the leadership development of their students as well.  The fellowship offers continuous personal growth while working towards a brighter future for the next generation where they build life-long bonds with children that go beyond the typical student-teacher relationship. Fellows get a chance to view life from the other end of the spectrum, leading to new insights, experiences, developing empathy, tolerance and a human connection.


Rabtt will assist with finding housing, cultural excursion, and language training.


Please send the following materials to,

  • Resume / CV
  • Cover Letter
  • Academic Transcript
  • Skype Interview

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