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Swaadhaar FinServe

Swaadhaar FinServe 

Financial Education and Financial Incusion Intern
Mumbai, India

Swadhaar FinAccess (SFA) is not for profit organization based in Mumbai, India aiming for financial inclusion by imparting of financial education, creating the capability to use financial products and providing increased access to financial products & services to urban low-income households, primarily working with women.
SFA was founded in March 2005 by Veena Mankar and Late Haseena Vahanvaty. Mrs. Mankar is a banker by profession with over 35 years of experience in development and commercial banking. Mrs. Vahanvaty had worked in the development sector for over 30 years.
SFA aims towards inclusive growth through inclusive communities. The organization works to bust the belief among the low income people, that their earnings are too low to be able to manage their finances in a prudent manner and to save and invest in their own progress i.e. in education, health etc.
Since 2009, SFA has been conducting financial education training for women from low income households in urban areas, facilitating opening of saving accounts and is engaged in distribution of insurance as an agent of Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC).
SFA currently has Ten Financial Inclusion and Literacy Centres (FILCs) in Mumbai and Gujarat, India. Various financial education programmes are conducted at the centre, within the surrounding community. The FILC provides a physical resource centre for sustained contact and communication. All Swadhaar initiatives on financial literacy and awareness are implemented through the FILC. So far SFA has reached out to over 250,000 women, youth and men from low income communities through it’s different activities.
SFA works closely with its associate Swadhaar Finserve Pvt. Ltd. a MFI and Swadhaar Information and Management Services (SIMS), Business Correspondent to RBL Bank. Most of the FILCs operate out of the Branches of SIMS helping to keep the operating cost low and leverage the client base of SIMS.
With the aim of scaling and sustainability of the programmes, SFA is exploring the digital channels of delivering financial education. In 2015, SFA digitized financial education modules. SFA is in the process of developing a money management tool for low income communities.

To assist the urban poor, especially women, to enhance their economic capacity by providing Financial education and training, and by facilitating access to savings, insurance and loans, which will enable them to cross the poverty line and meet their aspirations for a better future.


  • To create a pool of financially literate women, men and youth, better equipped to make informed financial decisions and
    make prudent use of available formal financial products.
  • To facilitate access to relevant financial products and services to the low income households and increase the uptake of
    these products to meet their needs.


  • This opportunity is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Students should be open to work in dynamic environment and willing to visit our areas of operations (slums) if required.


  • Will be defined as per the project available when the students are placed.
  • Largely will be related to research, communication, planning or strategy



Please send resume, transcript, recommendation letter and cover letter to Preeti Telang,


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