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Urban India Atlas


The project will help develop a new taxonomy for Tier-II (average population of 1.9M) and Tier-III cities (population size, between 100,000 and 1M) which are currently advancing disciplined and rigorous development plans, and will emerge as specialist centers of industries such as IT, manufacturing, or tourism and cultural heritage. Six cities have been selected, and regional partners in each city are being cultivated: Jamshedpur (Industrial Town), Erode (Market Town), Tirupati (Religious Town), Mhow (Cantonment Town), Agra (Heritage Town), Panjim (State Capital). Outputs will include a literature review on urbanism in South Asia, roundtable meetings with country partners, a two-day symposium on specific cities, seminars and studios offered through the GSD, and a series of publications pertaining to each city.

Faculty Directors

Rahul Mehrotra, Professor of Urban Design and Planning; Chair of the Department of Urban Planning and Design

Justin Stern, Teaching Fellow in Gen Education; Admin Pro/Indiv Contrib; Fellow, House

Urban India Atlas Photo