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Graduate Student Associates



Doctoral degree candidates from all Harvard academic departments and professional schools are eligible to apply. Applicants from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences should have completed their General Examinations and commenced research on their dissertation. The GSA program is best suited for students who have completed a dissertation prospectus.

As a member of the Mittal Institute community, students are required to:

  • Participate in monthly workshops in which they present their thesis research to one another.
  • In the spring, jointly organize a workshop to share insights about the doctoral program at Harvard. This workshop will be open to all undergraduates and graduates interested in pursuing advanced degrees. Students are encouraged to attend and learn from the GSAs about their experience.
  • Present their research at the quarterly Mittal Institute Steering Committee meetings.

It is expected that GSAs will be on campus for the entire year of their fellowship to actively participate in the program.


Application Components

All application materials should be uploaded and submitted via CARAT.

Materials to be submitted with your applications include:

  • A cover letter, including:
    • Name (First and Last)
    • Primary Email
    • School and Department
    • Field of Study
    • Thesis Title
  • A current resume or CV
  • A 1000-word description of the thesis or related project
  • A current transcript (unofficial is fine)
  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty members familiar with your work (these can be emailed directly by the faculty member to



Please do not submit a hard copy to our office. Please apply through the CARAT portal. For questions please contact


Applications for the current GSA program are closed.