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Live Webcast

A video stream of the live webcast will appear on this page when the event begins.

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Responding to the Crisis in Nepal

What is known about disaster response to major earthquakes affecting large urban areas?  What was predicted to occur in Kathmandu in the event of a major earthquake–even before one occurred?  How canhumanitarian aid agencies and other nations work with the government of Nepal as the country moves from immediate response to long-term recovery and rebuilding needs? And what role can the Nepali diaspora and U.S. institutions–including universities and medical centers–in helping Nepal rebuild?

Join us for a live webcast addressing these issues featuring Dr. Jennifer Leaning, director of the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights, and Kai Hsiao, an MPH student at the Harvard Chan School who before the earthquake hit had studied the vulnerabilities Kathmandu and Nepal would likely face from such an event.

Organized by Students for Nepal, Harvard Chan

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