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Date: October 10, 2022, 5:30 to 7:00 pm IST/ 8:00 to 9:30 am ET

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The webinar is a joint Lancet Citizens’ Commission on Reimagining India’s Health System event with Population Foundation of India (PFI)Sangath and Association for Socially Applicable Research (ASAR) and is being held to mark World Mental Health Day. This year, the theme for World Mental Health Day is making mental health and well-being a global priority for all. Our distinguished panel will discuss how mental health can be valued, promoted and protected; where everyone has an equal opportunity to enjoy mental health and to exercise their human rights; and where everyone can access the mental health care they need. As a Citizens’ Commission, we invite the public to participate in the discussion, provide input and engage with the panelists.



  • Shubhrata Prakash, Author of The D Word: A Survivor’s Guide to Depression
  • Raj Mariwala, Director, Mariwala Health Initiative
  • Pattie Gonsalves, Project Director of PRIDE Research Programme, Sangath
  • Andrea Bruni, Mental Health Regional Advisor, WHO



  • Vikram Patel, Pershing Square Professor of Global Health, Harvard Medical School; Professor, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health; Co-founder, Sangath


The Lancet Citizens’ Commission on Reimagining India’s Health System is an ambitious, cross-sectoral endeavor that aims to lay out a citizens’ roadmap to achieving universal health coverage for the people of India. Our new webinar series is intended to serve as a platform for public health discourse in India, and a means for academics, practitioners and the public to engage on substantive and timely issues regarding universal health coverage in India.

 Population Foundation of India is a fifty-year-old Indian non-profit organisation working towards the effective formulation and implementation of gender-sensitive health strategies and policies. 

Sangath is a not-for-profit organisation working in Goa, India, for 24 years to make mental health services accessible and affordable. Sangath is committed to improving access to mental health across the age spectrum, and they believe this is best achieved by empowering the community.

Association for Socially Applicable Research (ASAR) aims to create and communicate evidence for shaping public ideas to influence better policies. The initiative is providing research support to the Human Resources for Health (HRH) workstream of the Commission.