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SAI Community Event

An evening with:
Folk Minstrel Paban Das Baul; Poet and songwriter Prthwiraj Choudhury; Author Mimlu Sen; and Music producer Dipankar Jojo Chaki

‘Music Stories of Bengal’ is an experiment in bringing live Bengali music of various genres together. This Project is the brainchild of Dipankar Jojo Chaki, Indian National Award Winning Music Producer.

Paban is a world famous Indian folk singer based in Paris. Paban belongs to the ‘Baul’ tradition of Indian folk singers. He collaborates with musicians from around the world and has developed a new genre of Baul music called ‘Afro-Baul’. His most popular album was titled ‘Real Sugar’ and was launched by Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records in London. He has performed in venues around the world, including the Jaipur Literature Festival and the ‘Nine Lives’ Concert, 2009 in London, of William Dalrymple. He has contributed to several film soundtracks including the popular song ‘Shundori Komola’ from the film Shukno Lonka.

Popular song by Paban Das Baul

Prithwiraj Choudhury is a Harvard Professor and singer/songwriter/poet. He has published four books of poetry, most recently the book ‘Kotha Com’ published by Signet Press (Ananda Publishers).

Song written, composed and sung by Choudhury

Purbo Paschim by Choudhury 

Mimlu Sen is the author of the book ‘Baulsphere’ that documents the lives of the Baul musicians. While living in France, Mimlu Sen witnessed a performance by the Bauls, a group of wandering mystic-minstrels from West Bengal. Captivated by the music and by one of the musicians in particular, she returned to the country of her childhood: “yearning for the deep familiar breath of India”.

Tickets will be sold for $10 at the event, and can also be reserved ahead of time by calling Mandrita at 203-524-7658.

Free parking at 52 Oxford Street.

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