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South Asia, home to more than one-fourth of the world’s population, is set to be one of the hardest hit regions in the world by COVID-19, as the region endures prolonged lockdowns. The economic impact here is likely to be greater than the health impact, as countries in the region do not have the fiscal space or safety nets for flattening the curve by halting production and economic activity.

To facilitate a conversation on the adaptation that will be required to address the current crisis, Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC) is organizing the South Asia Youth Resilience Summit 2020, on April 16-18, to be hosted live on Facebook. On each of the three days, we will have a moderated conversation with a global expert for an hour on how youth in South Asia can build resilience and navigate the complexities of present times caused by COVID-19. In addition, there will be panel discussions on each of the three days on issues ranging from youth leadership, entrepreneurial ecosystems in South Asia in a post-pandemic world to staying resilient in times of crisis.