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Join visiting scholar Chinmay Tumbe and moderator Ian Talbot for a discussion about the great Indian Migration wave.  In this seminar, Tumbe provides an overview of his book, India Moving: A History of Migration, that attempts to explain when, how and why people have moved to, from and within the subcontinent over centuries. It reveals one of the world’s largest, longest and on-going episodes of labour migration, referred to as the Great Indian Migration Wave, and its significance in modern Indian history. It provides a new perspective on the migration of business communities both within and outside India. It shows how 25 million people who trace their roots to India in the past three centuries, were dispersed across the world from Japan to Jamaica and why internal diasporas matter as much as international diasporas. It documents the mass migrations caused by multiple Partitions, refugee crises and other displacements in Indian history and their disproportionate impact on particular communities. And finally, it provides a perspective on migration and development, in history and in 21st century India.

Chinmay Tumbe is faculty member of the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad and the 2018 Alfred D. Chandler Jr International Visiting Scholar in Business History at Harvard Business School. He works on migration, cities, firms and history. He chairs the IIMA Archives initiative and coordinates the History Internship series at IIMA. An alumnus of the London School of Economics and Political Science and the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, he has been a faculty member at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Hyderabad and was the 2013 Jean Monnet Fellow at the Migration Policy Centre, European University Institute, Florence, Italy. He has published widely on migration for a decade and has served on policymaking groups.